Cyborg Security Named A Top Cyber Security Company for 2021

Cyborg Security is proud to announce that we have been named as a “Top Cyber Security Company in Florida in 2021.” This announcement is made as part of Threat.Technology’s global “Top Cyber Security Companies” series. The series looks at the innovation, growth, management, and societal impact companies have. It also showcases companies across the spectrum from “cutting-edge startups to established brands.”

“Cyborg Security proud of this recognition. We are pioneers in the field of threat hunting and detection content,” said Dave Amsler, Founder and CEO of Cyborg Security. “Cyborg Security recognizes the value threat hunting brings to organizations. We know that by taking the fight to the adversary with threat hunting, organizations can better defend themselves.”


Cyborg Security is pioneering threat hunt and detection content with its HUNTER platform. HUNTER enables security teams to deploy advanced behavioural content in their environment with no extra tools, appliances, or resources. The HUNTER platform delivers threat hunt and detection packages for platforms like SIEM, data lake, and EDR. Our packages are analyst-focused providing platform content, run books, and threat emulation. HUNTER’s smart mapping technology saves organizations time helping them avoid costly re-engineering efforts.

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