Threat Hunting Framework

Threat Hunting can be challenging for organizations, especially when they don’t know where to start. Cyborg Security’s “Threat Hunting Framework” makes it easy to get started hunting!

‘Threat hunting’ is a concept that has gained tremendous
traction within the cyber security community. Organizations
have realized that while traditional security controls and
analysis have served as a cornerstone for an organization’s
cyber security compliance, they are no longer sufficient to
mitigate operational risks.

This is especially true given the ever-increasing attack
surfaces of these organizations, as well as the increase in
number and capability of cyber adversaries. This reality has
necessitated a paradigm shift from reactive to proactive
security, and as a result, organizations have increasingly
focused on threat hunting to fill this realized gap.

The Threat Hunting Framework lays out an operationalized methodology that organizations can use to begin threat hunting today.

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