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The HUNTER platform delivers proactive Threat Hunt & Detection Packages to enhance and maximize toolsets, augment analysts, upgrade SOC threat hunting processes delivered via an online subscription-based model.

HUNTER Platform

Transform Analysts
into Threat Hunters

Complete Threat Hunt & Detection Packages providing structured, scalable and repeatable processes.

Cyborg Security takes care of the research, development, documentation and validation of the threat hunting process allowing analyst to spend more time hunting.

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Search and discover Threat Hunt & Detection Packages, Use Cases and Intelligence.

Deploy content into your environment

Deploy Threat Hunt & Detection Packages mapped to your unique SIEM, DataLake, EDR or other security tools using the Cyborg Automated Mapping process.

Actively hunt threats In your environment

Full response awareness utilizing Cyborg Security's Best Practice Recommendations and Analysis Next Steps. Pivot on triggered Threat Hunt & detection Packages by levering Additional Queries and related Use Cases and Intelligence.


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Investment (ROI)
Immediate Return on Investment
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of Effort (LOE)
Immediate Return on Investment
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Immediate Return on Investment
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Who We are

We are

Cyborg Security was founded in 2019 to bring out hard-learned lessons to every SOC and extend the capability of advanced threat hunting, despite the prevailing hurdles of finding, training, and retaining skilled hunters. Where other vendors abstract away the human element - leaving no human experience, knowledge, or validation - Cyborg Security wears it as a badge of honor.
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What Others
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Cyborg Security clearly understand the importance of vetted cyber intelligence and this has been proven to us through their services. They outshine other providers with how advanced and well documented their taxonomies are, allowing analysts to easily index and action these items. Cyborg’s customer service is superb - they clearly care for their clients as they are willing spend time with us to ensure we can make the most out of their solutions, and value our feedback at every step.


The Cyborg Threat Intel feed is easily one of the most useful threat feeds I have seen in my close to 10 years of experience working in Cyber Security and dealing with 100s of sources/vendors. What differentiates this feed from the rest is the amount of context and enrichment that comes with each IOC. Each IOC is enriched with context around what the threat is, how severe it is, at what attack phase the IOC was observed, any associated TTPs, direction of IOC, etc.


With so many threat feeds available in the market with varying degrees of usefulness we were able to find a threat feed that provides our analysts with truly usable intelligence. The level of detailed tagging that Cyborg has integrated into their indicators like MITRE and the Cyber kill chain adds much needed context to each event.


Perhaps the number one benefit we’ve seen from working with Cyborg is our threat hunters are excited to work with their content. It inspires them to do a great job, and it’s also great from a hiring perspective because it helps new hunters get up and running fast in our industry.



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