Threat hunting today is for the elite few… Until now. Not enough people, not enough accuracy, not enough efficiency…not enough blah, blah, blah, (plug in whatever industry buzzword everyone is using today). Time to rethink, reimagine and get ahead of threats by enabling your analysts with enriched content and context, amassed by experts, and accessible to internal teams. That’s the Cyborg platform, we call it Cybernetic threat hunting. You’ll call it genius.

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Goodbye expensive outsourced teams

Extensive threat hunting content and intelligence from the best threat hunters on the planet

Allow all organizations access to analysts that only a select few have today

Tiered subscription based on each organization’s needs

83% of organizations believe threat hunting should be a top priority

Source: Cybersecurity Insiders

SOC threat hunters spend 43% of their time reacting vs. proactively hunting

Source: Cybersecurity Insiders

Enterprise organizations spend $6M-$8M to identify and stop advanced threats

Source: Cybersecurity Insiders

Threat hunting teams find threats 2.5X faster with the right tools

Source: Cybersecurity Insiders
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