Hybrid Hunting: Threat Hunting in the Managed Security Battlespace

Take to the digital trenches to combat advanced cyber threats with “Hybrid Hunting: Threat Hunting in the Managed Security Battlespace” a joint webinar from Cyborg Security and Nuspire.

In the ever-evolving cybersecurity battlefield, organizations need to balance internal security tasks with outside expertise. That’s where hybrid hunting comes in – the powerful model that lets you divide security tasks between your internal team and an MSSP to create an unbeatable threat detection and response force.

Join our expert speakers, Scott Poley (Senior Threat Hunter, Cyborg Security) and Justin Heard (Threat Intelligence Manager, Nuspire) for a comprehensive overview of the latest trends in hybrid hunting and practical guidance on program development and management.

Learn how to leverage your internal team’s expertise and supplement it with an MSSP’s routine security functions, or bring in outside expertise to tackle more complex tasks.

With real-world examples of successful hybrid hunting implementations, you’ll be inspired to take the lead in your organization’s cybersecurity defense. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to master threat hunting program development and management.

Join the fight against cyber threats and register now for “Hybrid Threat Hunting: Threat Hunting in the Managed Security Battlespace.” Let’s defend our digital fortresses together!

Some of the ground our threat hunters will cover is:

  An introduction to hybrid hunting: what it is and why it is so crucial in today’s cyber security landscape.

  • Real-world examples of hybrid hunting implementations, along with insights from participating peers.
  • How an MSSP can augment an internal team, bringing the needed experience, depth of data, and expertise.
  • Practical guidance on program development and management, including identifying key roles and responsibilities.
  • Strategies for measuring the effectiveness of your hybrid hunting program and adjusting it to stay ahead of threats,
  • How MSSPs can help organizations of all sizes operationalize their compliance data and telemetry and turn it into proactive threat hunting.

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