Behind Enemy Lines: Unraveling the Mystery of TA505’s FlawedGrace RAT

Threat Overview – FlawedGrace

FlawedGrace is not a newcomer in the world of cyber warfare. Originating in 2017, this malicious RAT is a favored weapon of the notorious TA505 threat group, believed to have ties with Russia. Known by another alias, Hive0065, this group has shown a propensity for both broad and targeted cyberattacks across various industries. Their signature? Financially motivated cybercrimes. And yes, they’re the brains behind massive malware campaigns like the CL0P Ransomware. With FlawedGrace, TA505 isn’t just sneaking in—they’re prying open the backdoor of their victims’ systems. Their treasure? Personal information ranging from banking details to online account credentials. Given its pervasive presence in recent intrusions, understanding FlawedGrace is no longer optional—it’s imperative.

Campaign Overview

When it comes to victims, TA505 isn’t picky. Their FlawedGrace campaigns have targeted everyone—from research institutes, energy firms, healthcare entities, airlines, to government agencies. Phishing remains their preferred distribution method. A complex malware with a penchant for evolution, its trail can be traced from 2017 email campaigns to recent operations involving TrueBot, CobaltStrike, and even the devastating MBR Killer wiper.

Technical Details

Digging into its blueprints, FlawedGrace is a marvel of malware sophistication. Crafted in C++, it’s a paradigm of object-oriented and multithreaded programming, designed to stump reverse engineering endeavors. Command and control? It leverages a complicated binary protocol, usually via port 443. With AES encryption in CBC mode backing its data transfer, static and dynamic keys ensure a fortress-like shield. Its arsenal is expansive—from target management, file transfers, remote desktop access, password retrieval to even system destruction. All these features spotlight TA505’s unwavering commitment to ensuring FlawedGrace remains their crown jewel for illicit financial gains.

Taking Action Against FlawedGrace

But knowledge is power. By understanding the intricacies of FlawedGrace, you’re already a step ahead in the cybersecurity game. To bolster your defenses, consider Cyborg Security’s free hunt packages. They are tailored to track and counter such threats effectively. Not on our platform yet? Dive into the world of proactive threat hunting with a free HUNTER Community Account. Be prepared. Stay vigilant. Fight smart.


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