Community Defense Measures

The SUNBURST Attack is Unprecedented

The 2020 compromise of the SolarWinds Orion platform (dubbed “SUNBURST”) rocked the information security community. With over 18,000 customers potentially affected, including government, private industry, and even security vendors the scope is unprecedented. To help the community, Cyborg Security is offering any organization that believes they were affected completely free access to our HUNTER platform as a part of our Community Defense Measures.

The HUNTER platform allows organizations to seamlessly deploy tailored detection content customized to their unique environment for the SUNBURST implant, as well as a wide variety of other advanced behavioural threat hunting content capable of detecting adversaries’ actions, not just their tools, in organizations’ environments.

Access to the HUNTER platform requires no additional agents or appliances for your environment.

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SUNBURST Community Defense Measures


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