Shining Light on the DarkSide – Part 3

Earlier this year saw one of the most devastating ransomware attacks in history that shutdown the Colonial Pipeline and crippled oil and gas delivery across the East Coast of the United States. These impacts brought the topic of ransomware to the forefront for industry, government, and the average American. It also highlighted how potentially vulnerable our nation’s critical infrastructure is to cyber attacks from not just state sponsored actors, but criminal adversaries as well.

Also, in response to this attack, and the growing prevalence of ransomware attacks generally, the President of the United States signed into law an Executive Order designed to improve the nation’s cyber security through so-called bold changes, including proactive threat hunting, better information sharing, and improved technical capabilities. 

But does it go far enough?

Join us for an interactive and lively panel discussion featuring Dave Amsler of Cyborg Security, Anuj Goel of Cyware, and Jim Linn of the American Gas Association as they discuss the short and long term effects of the DarkSide attack on industry, what the new Executive Order means for government and businesses, what strategies organizations can use to improve their resilience, and much more!

Our panel will dive into a variety of topics, including:

  • Explore the impact that the attack on the Colonial Pipeline had on the broader threat landscape.
  • Dive in the effects of the administration’s Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cyber Security and what that means for businesses.
  • Gain insight into the threat posed to critical industries such as energy and public utility companies.
  • Understand how information sharing and analysis centers (ISACs) are critical in helping to secure industries.
  • Learn how proactive threat hunting enables organizations to hunt for, and detect, threats like ransomware before they strike.
  • Understand how taking a hybrid approach to threat intelligence can decrease actor dwell times.

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