Mastering the Hunt: Translating Intelligence to Action

In the complex maze of cyber threat vectors, effective action hinges on accurate, timely intelligence. For practitioners in the field, the bridge between raw data and actionable strategies is where the real challenge—and opportunity—lies.

Join us in “Mastering the Hunt,” where we delve into the technical intricacies of merging cyber threat intelligence with behavioral threat hunting. Chris Coburn from Recorded Future and Lee Archinal of Cyborg Security will dive deep, presenting a hands-on walkthrough of a live intelligence priority, taking it from inception to proactive behavioral threat hunt.

Witness Recorded Future’s powerful in-depth intelligence power, translating raw data into refined cyber threat intelligence. The narrative shifts gears as Lee Archinal, leveraging Cyborg Security’s latest integration with Recorded Future, effectively transitions from this intelligence to precise, actionable threat hunting tactics.

More than just a demonstration, this session aims to address the inherent integration challenges that many cybersecurity teams face. The goal? Achieving a streamlined workflow where intelligence feeds directly into proactive operations, filling a critical gap in many cybersecurity playbooks.

Whether you’re a veteran cyber threat intelligence practitioner or threat hunter, or just getting started and keen to elevate your strategies and tools, this immersive session is tailored for you. Equip yourself with actionable insights and guidance that can redefine your operations today.

Some of the topics this event will cover are:

  • Real-world Application: Watch and learn as we transition from intel gathering to active threat hunting – this won’t be death-by-Powerpoint! We’re going live with intelligence analysis and threat hunting!
  • Advancing with Intelligence: Dive deep into advanced threat intelligence methodologies and understand their role as a force multiplier for intelligence teams.
  • Hands-on Exploration: A live walkthrough of transforming raw data and information into refined threat intelligence and actionable behavioral threat hunting outcomes.
  • Optimizing with Add-ons: Delve into the technical features of Cyborg Security’s integration for Recorded Future, enhancing efficiency and precision.
  • Get interactive: Access to an exclusive community forum of other threat hunters and intelligence analysts where you can ask questions, get advice, and build your network!
  • Practical Tips and Tricks: Our presenters will be dropping practical advice for threat intelligence analysts and threat hunters along the way!

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