SANS 2024 Threat Hunting Survey: Hunting for Normal Within Chaos

Discover the Cutting-Edge of Cybersecurity in the “SANS 2024 Threat Hunting Survey: Hunting for Normal Within Chaos”

Are you navigating the complexities of threat hunting in today’s chaotic cyber landscape? SANS’s ninth annual Threat Hunting Survey offers unparalleled insights into the evolving practices, challenges, and methodologies shaping cybersecurity strategies across global organizations.

In an era where cyber threats evolve at lightning speed, understanding the state of threat hunting is more crucial than ever. With data from organizations worldwide, this report not only tracks the progress and hurdles in threat hunting over the past year but also forecasts the pivotal trends for the future. From the adoption of formalized methodologies—jumping from 35% to 50% in just one year—to the strategic sourcing of threat intelligence, the findings are a treasure trove for anyone vested in fortifying their cyber defenses.

Learn why half of the surveyed organizations now prioritize developing in-house threat intelligence, and how the industry’s maturity is leading to standardized processes for enhanced threat detection and incident response. Despite notable advances, challenges persist, including the skilled staff shortage and the complexities of data quality and tool limitations.

This survey also casts a spotlight on the rising trend of outsourcing threat hunting, exploring its implications for organizational security and strategy continuity.

Dive into the “SANS 2024 Threat Hunting Survey” to arm yourself with the knowledge to navigate the cyber challenges ahead. Download your copy now and step into the future of cybersecurity with confidence.

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