Atomic Friday: Using Atomic Red Team to Level the Playing Field for Analysts



See how advanced engineers and research teams are using Atomic Red Team to build their own threat hunting platforms and products.

In our next Atomic Friday, Mike Mitchell and Brandon Denker from Cyborg Security will demonstrate how they leveraged Atomic Red Team to develop a threat hunting platform and detection package that empowers Tier 1 analysts to execute the same tasks a highly skilled threat hunter would.

Using an Emotet detection package to demonstrate their work, Mike and Brandon will walk through:

  • Development of use cases and threat hunting/detection packages
  • Detection criteria, content queries, relevant descriptions, contextual tags, deployment instructions, and validation atomics
  • How their product helps security teams of all sizes and skill levels build, create, and execute threat hunts


Mike Mitchell, VP of Engineering at Cyborg Security

Brandon Denker, Director of Research and Intelligence at Cyborg Security