Thinking Like a Threat Actor: Cross Platform Hunting for Persistence

Threat hunting is one of the most valuable forms of proactive defense available to organizations. It enables specially trained ‘hunt teams’ to search the environment for suspicious and malicious behavior. This can enable detection of new and emerging threats well before traditional security controls. These hunt teams scour the environment to identify initial compromise, data exfiltration, lateral movement, and persistence. 

Prepare for an in-depth, uncut, and interactive technical deep dive into persistence. Join Cyborg Security’s Austin Jackson as he demonstrates various advanced persistence mechanisms in Windows, macOS, and Linux and more importantly, how organizations can hunt and detect them!

Attendees will gain valuable technical insights into:

  • Successful threat hunting strategies to detect adversary behaviors and activities.
  • Understand best practices for building threat hunt and detection content.
  • How organizations can target persistence mechanisms to detect actors in their environment.
  • Common persistence mechanisms for the Windows operating system.
  • Advanced mechanisms adversaries use to establish persistence on the macOS operating system.
  • Detecting adversary persistence in flavors of the Linux operating system.

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