Do You Even Threat Hunt, Bro?

You’ve probably heard the term “proactive threat hunting” pop up in the news a lot lately. It seems like, these days, everywhere you turn someone is now talking about how their product is doing it, how they are doing it, and how doing it will solve all the challenges of cyber security. But, have you also noticed with everyone talking about it, the term is becoming frustratingly broadly used and even more loosely defined?

Join one Cyborg Security’s lead threat hunters, Lee Archinal, for a hands-on practical session of true behaviorally-based threat hunting to see what organizations need to know (and more importantly, do!) to proactively threat hunt in their environment, and most importantly, find out: Do You Even Threat Hunt, Bro?

The webinar will cover the following:

  • A hands-on-keyboard attack by a cyber adversary to demonstrate realistic scenarios that organizations face every day.
  • Use of sophisticated post-compromise toolsets, and how threat hunters can hunt for them in their environment.
  • How adversaries perform various tactics such as Discovery, Persistence, and Privilege Escalation, and how traditional IOCs can’t be relied upon.
  • Practical strategies of improving your threat hunting and threat detection capabilities without the need for new agents or appliances.
  • How complex behavioral content can allow discovery of actors long before traditional security controls.

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