Begin Your Hunt: The Threat Hunting Workshop

You’ve read the threat hunting blogs. You’ve followed some of the tutorials and deep dives on YouTube. You might have even started to sift through your own data. But you have also probably noticed that learning to threat hunt isn’t as easy as it could be. Or should be.

That is why Cyborg Security is offering a first-of-its-kind interactive threat hunting workshop where anyone can learn how to threat hunt in a safe, fun, and dynamic environment!

Join our team of threat hunting instructors for a unique and immersive threat hunting workshop. The event will introduce some behavioral threat hunting concepts, and will then have participants follow along, through a complex, real-life, hands-on-keyboard threat hunting scenario. The workshop will allow participants actively hunt down an advanced adversary employing a wide array of tactics, techniques, and procedures in an environment by leveraging true behavioral threat hunting means and methods.

And when we say “hands-on-keyboard,” we really mean it, because this isn’t going to be just another webinar.

Instead, we have pulled out all the stops and every participant will be equipped with their own personal threat hunting environment that they can explore! Attendees will also have access to real tools and data that will enable them to experience real threat hunting. And every participant will also receive EXCLUSIVE access to Cyborg Security’s industry-leading library of true behavioral threat hunting content that they can take home with them.

Join us for an immersive, educational, and fun threat hunting experience that will help you Begin Your Hunt.

This workshop will cover a lot of technical ground, including:

  • The basics of behavioral threat hunting, including the most common means and methods that hunters use.
  • A real scenario, with real data, involving an adversary that will use some of the most widely adopted tactics, techniques, and procedures.
  • Access to an arsenal of real tools, including a hunting environment and exclusive free access to dozens of threat hunting packages that will enable participants to execute complex behavioral threat hunting.
  • A guided session by an instructor that will walk participants, step-by-step, through the hunt showing them tips and tricks of the trade!

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