Top Cover: The Threat Hunting Management Workshop

Join us for a unique interactive threat hunting management workshop where Cyborg Security’s Director of Threat Research, Brandon Denker, will guide you through the critical aspect of managing a threat hunting program. 

This workshop is designed for managers, executives, and security stakeholders who are looking to start, grow, and improve their organization’s threat hunting capabilities. During the workshop, our team will delve into the key components of managing a threat hunting program, including developing a strategy, building a team, and measuring success. We’ll also share real-world examples and best practices to help you implement a program that delivers real results. 

This workshop isn’t going to be just your typical webinar, however….

It is LIVE and FULLY INTERACTIVE with exercises where participants can hone their skills!

Attendees of this workshop on threat hunting management will not only gain a deeper understanding of how to effectively manage a threat hunting program, but also have the opportunity to take home valuable tools and resources to aid them in their efforts. As part of the workshop, attendees will be provided access to industry-leading threat hunting tools and resources that they can continue to use and implement within their own organization. This added value provides attendees with the opportunity to not only learn about threat hunting management, but also immediately put their new knowledge into practice.

Not only will you leave with a deeper understanding of how to effectively manage a threat hunting program, but attendees who complete the workshop will also receive an official certification from Cyborg Security’s Threat Hunting Management Program, which they can proudly display on social media as a testament to their accomplishment.

Some of the topics this workshop will cover are:

  • Attendees can expect to learn about the key principles of threat hunting management, including strategies for organizing and leading a threat hunting team.
  • The workshop will cover the importance of developing a clear, actionable plan for threat hunting, and attendees will learn about the different tools and techniques that can be used to execute that plan.
  • Attendees will gain an understanding of how to measure the effectiveness of their threat hunting efforts, and how to use data and metrics to identify areas for improvement.
  • The workshop will also cover the importance of building strong relationships with other teams within an organization, such as incident response and security operations, in order to effectively share information and collaborate on threat hunting efforts.
  • Attendees will learn about best practices and industry standards for threat hunting management, and will be provided with practical tips and guidance on how to implement those practices within their own organizations.
  • Attendees that successfully complete the workshop will be issued an official Cyborg Security certification: Threat Hunting Management – Level I!

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