NAC: Network Access Control

What is Network Access Control?

Network Access Control (NAC) is a security solution that helps organizations ensure that only authorized devices are allowed on their network. NAC can be implemented in a number of ways, such as through the use of network switches, firewalls, and wireless access points. It works by requiring devices to meet certain security criteria before they are allowed to connect to the network. This can include verifying the device’s security posture, ensuring that it has the latest patches and antivirus software, and checking to see if it is in compliance with the organization’s security policies. NAC can be used for threat hunting by helping organizations identify and prevent devices with known vulnerabilities or malicious software from connecting to their network.

How Can You Use Network Access Control for Threat Hunting?

Network access control (NAC) can be used for threat hunting in several ways. One way is to use NAC to monitor and control access to network resources based on user identity, device type, and other factors. This can help identify suspicious activity or devices that may be attempting to access the network, and allow security teams to investigate and respond accordingly.

Another way NAC can be used for threat hunting is by monitoring network traffic and analyzing it for indicators of compromise or suspicious activity. For example, NAC can be configured to alert on certain types of traffic or protocols, or to block certain types of traffic from entering or leaving the network. This can help security teams identify and respond to potential threats in real-time.

In addition, NAC can be used to enforce security policies and controls, such as requiring users to update their antivirus software or install certain security patches before being allowed to access the network. This can help prevent the spread of malware and other threats, and make it more difficult for attackers to compromise the network.

How HUNTER Helps with NAC

The HUNTER platform can help organizations using network access control to threat hunt in several ways. First, the HUNTER platform offers a variety of hunt packages that are specifically designed to detect and identify malicious activity on networks. These hunt packages can be customized to match the unique characteristics of an organization’s network and can be run on a regular basis to identify any suspicious or malicious activity. In addition, the HUNTER platform provides tools and features that can be used to validate and emulate different types of attacks, allowing security teams to test their network access control configurations and identify any vulnerabilities that might be exploited by attackers. Finally, the HUNTER platform offers comprehensive reporting and analysis tools that can help security teams to better understand the results of their threat hunting efforts and take appropriate action to mitigate any identified risks.

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