Senior Threat Hunter

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Senior Threat Hunter?

We’re looking for a ridiculously talented individual that lives, breathes, and sleeps threat hunting and detection content engineering to work as a Senior Threat Hunter. This is a person with a ton of threat hunting or SIEM content engineering experience, and who isn’t afraid of taking on some of the hardest problems in the security industry today. Cyborg Security works with some of the largest companies across the globe to help them secure their environment by maturing and evolving their threat hunting capabilities.

If you’re sick and tired of threat hunting as a buzzword, and you think you’re ready to change how the industry does threat hunting, check out the requirements below. 

Please note this position is only open for US Citizens at this time.

What You’ll Be Doing as a Senior Threat Hunter

  • Research the newest and emerging threats around the world and become intimately familiar with threat actors, their TTPs and behaviors.
  • Develop advanced threat hunting queries to detect those TTPs and behaviors, and generally make threat actors’ lives absolutely miserable.
  • Get creative, to build heretofore unthinkable hypotheses and hunt plans that would blow the industry’s’ collective minds.
  • Get to play with some of the latest cutting-edge technology in the industry in our lab environment (it’s pretty awesome, if we do say so… ????)
  • Hang out with a team of world-class threat hunters and security researchers, and enjoy an innovative and fast-paced environment where we work and play hard!

What We’re Lookin’ For in a Senior Threat Hunter

  • Hang out with a team of world-class threat hunters and security researchers, and enjoy an innovative and fast-paced environment where we work and play hard!
  • Has an iron-tight grip of threat hunting concepts and significant endpoint and network threat hunting or content development and engineering experience. You know who you are ????.
  • Loves difficult technical challenges and can humble-brag with the best of them when they solve a problem that no one else could.
  • Has experience with a wide array of security technologies like Active Directory, DNS, Proxy, Firewall, Endpoint, and Web Servers.
  • Is comfortable around cloud-based platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP) and their unique challenges.
  • Knows their way around the likes of Windows, Linux, and macOS. If you have experience with other OSes, we want to know!
  • May have some experience with static and dynamic analysis of malware – but that isn’t a deal breaker!
  • Can communicate effectively both written and verbally… just don’t write in 1337-speak, ok?
  • Enjoys a team environment!

What We’re Offering

  • 100% Permanent Remote Work. Work where you want. Whether that is from a a trendy coffee shop in San Francisco, to the backwoods of rural Texas, or even somewhere in Canada! The team does get together several times a year for face-to-face activities and fun, and we will resume this once it is safe again!
  • A digital playground full of the latest and greatest tools for manual and automated research and analysis, including commercial and enterprise tooling, and open source platforms. Want to build your own sand castle in this playground? Go for it!
  • A (frankly awesome, inclusive and engaging!) work environment. Want to voice your opinion? Go for it! Think we can improve something? Let’s hear it! Everyone contributes to the product, roadmap, and most importantly, the vision.
  • Unlimited Paid Time Off! (I mean, how can you argue with that?)
  • The “Usual” Stuff, like great health, dental, and life insurance benefits; company-matched 401K; and paid yearly training for just about any relevant subject you want to become an expert in!

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