Meet Cyborg Security and the HUNTER Threat Hunting Platform

Understaffed security operations teams and overworked threat hunting teams are drowning in data, much of which is unnormalized and uncontextualized. Alerts generated from this data, often through so-called “next generation” ML/AI systems, are only able to reliably detect the most obvious threats and attacks. For enterprises working to create or build their threat hunting teams and functionality, this isn’t working.

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To minimize risk and prevent damage and loss, modern enterprises must proactively seek out the most dangerous cyber adversaries lurking in their networks. Yet most are caught in a stalemate of reactive security. The problem is that many enterprises do not have the expertise or resources to achieve advanced threat hunting.

Enterprises need a way to augment their teams in order to break through the reactive cybersecurity stalemate—and so, Cyborg Security created the HUNTER Platform.

Meet the Threat Hunting Pioneers

Before threat hunting was a defined term our team of threat hunters, digital forensics and incident responders (DFIR), threat intelligence analysts, and security engineers were paving the way. In the trenches of leading enterprises and government agencies, the lashes from the lack reliable tools and skilled staff to navigate through the onslaught of uncontextualized and meaningless alerts became the inspiration to find a better way. A way that would unburden analysts and security operations teams from those alerts that did no more than provide a false sense of security.

Led by Dave Amsler, an accomplished cyber leader who spent 15 years building Foreground Security into the seventh largest cyber firm in North America and which was later acquired by Raytheon in October 2015, the team at Cyborg Security brings hard-earned lessons to the SOC.

Empowering the Human Element in the SOC

Advanced threat hunting minds are difficult to find and expensive to retain. Educating and enriching analysts to become advanced threat hunters takes years, but enterprises can’t afford to wait. Because of this, many security vendors suggest automating away the talent shortage problem, but the fatal flaw is that automation relies on human input.

Instead of abstracting away the human element, Cyborg Security embraces it and wears it as a badge of honor. Cyborg’s HUNTER Platform leverages the highest quality pool of threat hunting human assets and resources. Applying techniques and proprietary patent pending technology, and delivering continuously updated content, context, scripts, and playbooks to be leveraged by internal teams.

HUNTER Platform Key Features

Organizations integrating threat hunting programs have increased year-on-year, with 70% of organizations having some form of threat hunting capability. However, threat hunting is not just searching an environment for IOCs. It’s a process to search, identify, and explain anomalies within an environment. It must be rigorous and repeatable, rather than a one-time process. HUNTER, a first-of-its kind platform, makes this possible for every organization.

Until now this has only been possible for a few skilled hunt teams or through expensive outsourced resources. To understand how Cyborg is different, you must know what Cyborg is NOT:

  • We aren’t an outsourced threat hunting team
  • We aren’t just another threat feed

Instead, the HUNTER Platform:

  • Is an all-in-one platform that provides hundreds of Hunt & Detection packages, offering not just content, but detailed hunt plans, analyst runbooks, and validation packages that allow even mid-tier analysts to perform advanced threat hunting.
  • Provides “living content” with ongoing intelligence, research, and development of existing packages.
  • Is delivered on a simple subscription model at about the cost of a single FTE.
  • Is compatible with major <a href=””>security information and event management (SIEM)</a>, data lake, and EDR platforms.
  • Includes access to the SIGNS threat feed that provides context and depth to threat data.

With these key features, all organizations can augment their analysts and security operations teams with the most detailed, well-documented, and actionable threat hunting environmental knowledge in the market.

Learn more about the HUNTER Platform here. Welcome to Cyborg Security!

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